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About Us

About Us




Paramount Human Resource Multi-Purpose Cooperative was  established  in  2005,  a  duly  registered entity of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Paramount Human Resources was conceived by fifteen pioneering individuals with strong social consciousness to alleviate every able-bodied and highly- qualified Filipino from poverty through a cooperative that can develop and harness  their abilities and skills  to  its  full  potential,  transforming  these  individuals  into  a  workforce  that  can  add  value  to  any organization.

Paramount started with 200 members and 2 business partners.   After almost 16 years, we now have a roster of more than 10,000 members deployed to 54 business partners (with group of companies and franchisees), with   functions   ranging   from   butchers,  drivers, sales person, logistics personnel, field coordinators   and management trainees. To support the needs of the members and the business partners, we have 200 team members handling administration, accounting and human resources and account management.

The phenomenal  growth  of  the  Cooperative  for  the  past  16  years  can  be  attributed  to  its  highly- motivated  members  and  satisfied  and  loyal  business  partners.  Our success rate in the search and placement since our inception is at 95%.





Paramount Human Resource Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PHRMPC) strongly values a long-term mutually beneficial relationship not only among its members but most especially also with our business partners. We continue to strive to be a leading contributor to the business community and also to society.

It is our passion to provide you with the best workforce that will not only meet the demands of your organization but also as a solid contributor to the top-line and bottom-line growth of your company.



Paramount Human Resource Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PHRMPC) is dedicated in providing unparalleled human resource support that will help your business achieve the right-fit in your human resource requirement. Our keen attention to the human capital needs of the business partner enables us to deliver the “right talent” drawn from our extensive propriety database of skilled members. It is our commitment to provide the most cost effective, consistent and dependable service without compromising quality.

Our members are carefully matched with the right skills required by your company to complete the job assignment. With our firm present, you can concentrate on increasing productivity and profitability for your company by letting us take care of all your personnel needs.

Being a Cooperative, we make all deductions required including deductions of fees due to the government such as Social Security, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig. All of our Coop members are eligible for benefits which include paid holidays and paid vacations.

As aforementioned, with the nature of our business put together in the concept of a cooperative, our alliance will lean towards business cooperation and industrial peace.

The key to providing your company with effective and productive members is our careful selection of applicants for each job assignment:
1. Interview process in which applicants are asked about their prior work experience, knowledge, skills, interests and preferences.
2. Written examination (if required by the business partner)
3. Reference Check
This process enables us to carefully select the applicants that could automatically become a member of our cooperative; our member that best matches your company's work environment and skill requirements.
4. Actual hands-on training for our housekeeper/stewards position. This is to assure our business partner that the member we deploy is already capable and well-trained.

Office and Clerical

 Accounting Staff

 HR Staff

 Admin Staff

 Office Temp

 Management Trainees

 Clerks (any function)


 Sales Personnel

 Sales Trainees

 Merchandisers

 Merchandising Assistant

 Factory Workers



 Hotel Housekeepers

 Janitors

 Drivers

 Loaders

 Gardeners

 Painters

 Welders

 Butchers

Manufacturing / Light Industrial

 Factory Workers (any function)

 Forklift Operators

 Machine Operators

 Packers

 Welders